The 2013 ITF Seniors World Individual Championships took place on 24-31 March in Antalya, Turkey.

The champions in each age category are listed below, or click the link to view the full results and drawsheets from the tournament.

- Results and drawsheets


- Men's singles: Ladislav Svarc (SVK)
- Men's doubles: March Leimbach / Matthias Mueller (GER)

- Women's singles: Annette Zweck (GER)
- Women's doubles: Stefanie Kolar / Annette Zweck (GER)

- Mixed doubles: Annette Zweck / Matthias Mueller (GER)


- Men's singles: Arnaud Magnin (FRA)
- Men's doubles: Bart Beks / Marcus Hilpert (NED)

- Women's singles: Sandrine Testud (FRA)
- Women's doubles: Piret Ilves (EST) / Mari-Liis Params (FIN)

- Mixed doubles: Sandrine Testud / Benoit Halle (FRA)


- Men's singles: Taras Beyko (CAN)
- Men's doubles: Marc Brix (GER) / Scott Works (USA)

- Women's singles: Marie-Christine Calleja (FRA)
- Women's doubles: Lesley O'Halloran (IRL) / Olga Shaposhnikova (GER)

- Mixed doubles: Karen Seele / Matthias Mueller-Seele (GER)


- Men's singles: Alessio Frontespezi (ITA)
- Men's doubles: Chris Hearn (GBR) / Jacques Hervet (FRA)

- Women's singles: Ingrid Gutmann-Resch (AUT)
- Women's doubles: Ros Balodis (AUS) / Leanne Swaysland (AUS)

- Mixed doubles: Brenda Foster (AUS) / Chris Hearn (GBR)


- Men's singles: Daniel Waldman (USA)
- Men's doubles: Wesley Cash / Mark Vines (USA)

- Women's singles: Diane Barker (USA)
- Women's doubles: Tina Karwasky / Susan Wright (USA)

- Mixed doubles: Pieree Godfroid (BEL) / Susana Maria Villaverde (SUI)