The 2013 ITF Super-Seniors World Individual Championships took place on 15-22 September in Poertschach, Klagenfurt and Warmbad Villach, AUT.

The champions in each age category are listed below, or click the link to view the full results and drawsheets from the tournament.

- Results and drawsheets


- Men's singles: Radovan Cizek (CZE)
- Men's doubles: James Cameron (CAN) / Keith Porter (CAN)

- Women's singles: Tina Karwasky (USA)
- Women's doubles: Mary Ginnard / Tina Karwasky (USA)

- Mixed doubles: Caroline Glaszmann (FRA) / Bruno Renoult (FRA)


- Men's singles: Jorge Camina Borda (ESP)
- Men's doubles: Leslie Buck (USA) / Richard Johnson (USA)

- Women's singles: Gail Benedetti (FRA)
- Women's doubles: Carol Campling (AUS) / Petro Kruger (RSA)

- Mixed doubles: Brenda Carter (USA) / Hugh Thomson (USA)


- Men's singles: Peter Pokorny (AUT)
- Men's doubles: Evert Johnson (USA) / James Parker (USA)

- Women's singles: Michele Bichon (FRA)
- Women's doubles: Frances Maclennan (GBR) / Heide Orth (GER)

- Mixed doubles: Sofia Garaguly (AUT) / Peter Porkony (AUT)


- Men's singles: Giovanni Argentini (ITA)
- Men's doubles: Peter Froelich (AUS) / King Van Nostrand

- Women's singles: Roz King (USA)
- Women's doubles: Ria Graham (USA) / Roz King (USA)

- Mixed doubles: Nick Ourusoff (USA) / Lyn Tietz (USA)


- Men's singles: John Powless (USA)
- Men's doubles: George Mccabe (USA) / Chuck Nelson (USA)

- Women's singles: Muffie Grieve (CAN)
- Women's doubles: Margaret Canby (USA) / Muffie Grieve (CAN)

- Mixed doubles: Max Byrne (AUS) / Margaret Robinson (AUS)


- Men's singles: Doug Corbett (AUS)
- Men's doubles: Doug Corbett (AUS) / Angelo Sala (ITA)

- Women's singles: Doris Lutz (USA)                                                         - Women's doubles: Doris Lutz (USA) / Rita Price (USA)

- Mixed doubles: Darius Panah-Izadi (GBR) / Rita Price (USA)