The 2013 Super-Seniors World Team Championships were held in Austria and Czech Republic.

The result of the final in each age category is listed below:

Men's 60 (Von Cramm Cup)

USA def France 2-1

Men's 65 (Britannia Cup)

Spain def Switzerland 2-0

Men's 70 (Jack Crawford Cup)

USA def Austria 2-1

Men's 75 (Bitsy Grant Cup)

USA def Germany 2-0

Men's 80 (Gardnar Mulloy Cup)

USA def France 3-0

Women's 60 (Alice Marble Cup)

USA def Austria 2-1

Women's 65 (Kitty Godfree Cup)

France def USA 2-0

Women's 70 (Althea Gibson Cup)

Great Britain def USA 2-1

Women's 75 (Queens Cup)

USA def Great Britain 2-1

Women's 80 (Doris Hart Cup)

Canada def Australia 2-1

To view full draws please click the links below:

Von Cramm Cup, M60
Britannia Cup, M65
Jack Crawford Cup, M70
Bitsy Grant Cup, M75
Gardnar Mulloy, M80

Alice Marble Cup, W60
Kitty Godfree Cup, W65
Althea Gibson, W70
Queens' Cup, W75
Doris Hart Cup, W80